Efficacy of drugs against Giardia muris in mice Mus musculus naturally infected

Aleksandro Schafer da Silva, Marcos Kipper da Silva, Camila Belmonte Oliveira, Régis Adriel Zanette, Silvia Gonzalez Monteiro


This study aimed to evaluate the efficacy of metronidazole, fenbendazole and secnidazole against Giardia muris in mice naturally infected. Forty mice of the species Mus musculus were divided in four groups of ten each, being group A non treated, the control group and groups B, C and D treated with 4mg/ml of metronidazole, fenbendazole and secnidazole, respectively. Two feces collection, on day 0 and on day 10 after treatment, were done in order to evaluate the efficacy of the drugs. Samples were analyzed by the centrifugal-flotation method with zinc sulfate. Efficacy of 97,05% for metronidazole, 98,30% for fenbendazole and 100% for secnidazole were observed in the study. According to the results it was concluded that the tested drugs were effective for the treatment of mice parasitized by Giardia muris.


Metronidazole; Fenbendazole; Secnidazole; Protozoan; Rodents.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5433/1679-0359.2008v29n1p175

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