Sexual behavior of 'morada nova' breeding sheep under semi-intensive rearing during the mating season in the brazilian semiarid

Luana de Fátima Damasceno dos Santos, Edgard Cavalcanti Pimenta Filho, Edilson Paes Saraiva, Dermeval Araújo Furtado, Walter Esfrain Pereira, José Henrique Souza Costa


This study aimed to evaluate the sexual behavior of 'Morada Nova' breeding sheep reared in the Brazilian semi-arid during dry and rainy seasons in a semi-intensive system. The behavioral data were gathered from 4 rams and 114 ewes, among which 55 during the rainy season and the other 59 females in the dry season. The behavioral observations were conducted from 6 am to 5 pm, during both periods. The observations were carried out continuously and split into 'event' (execution frequency) and 'state' (execution time). During the rainy season, the breeding sheep showed the most efficient sexual behavior, with a shorter reaction time (RT) and less frequent mount attempts (MA), being of 122 sec and 2.97, respectively. However, throughout the dry period, some sexual behaviors such as sniffing the urogenital of females (SUF), penis exposure (EXP), head tossing (HT), and courting of females (FC) became more frequent, mainly in the afternoon, as with the flehmen response (FR). Male courting behavior was more evident in the rainy season during the end of the day, remaining less active during the dry period. Sexual behavior intensity in 'Morada Nova' sheep varies throughout the day, especially in the dry season.


Sexual courtship; Ethology; Reproduction.

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