Mannan-oligosaccharide and organic acids for weaned piglets

Marcia de Souza Vieira, Julio Cezar Dadalt, Andréa Machado Leal Ribeiro, Thiago William de Almeida


This study aimed to evaluate the effect of acetic, propionic, and formic (50%) organic acids and mannan-oligosaccharide (50%) on growth performance, digestibility, and faecal score in challenged weaned piglets. Twenty male piglets (5.57 ± 0.32 kg of BW; 21-24 days of age) were housed individually in metabolic cages for 28 days in an acclimatised room. The treatments were composed of the inclusion (0.1%; n = 10) or not (n = 10) of additive in the diet. The experimental design was completely randomised with two treatments, 10 replicates, and one piglet per replicate. The nutritional matrix was supplemented with 10% of barley and 35.9 to 34.0% of soybean meal in the pre-starter diet (3-14 days post-weaning) and the starter diet (15-28 days post-weaning), respectively, to cause an intestinal challenge. Diets did not include any antimicrobial or growth promoters. Weekly, the animal and the leftover diet were weighed to evaluate growth performance. Digestibility was evaluated through total faeces and urine collection. Piglets fed diets with additive had 8.7% greater weight gain (P < 0.05) compared to those piglets in the control treatment in the starter phase. For other growth performance responses there was no treatment effect. Similarly, the inclusion of additive in the piglet diets did not affect the faecal score or the energy and nutrient digestibility. In the starter phase and throughout the experimental period, piglets fed diets with additive had 18.37% and 15.07% greater nitrogen (N) intake and 19.53% and 16.05% greater N retention, respectively, compared to piglets in the control treatment (P < 0.05). In conclusion, the addition of additive composed by organic acids and mannan-oligosaccharide does not improve energy and nutrient digestibility but increases the N retention and weight gain in weaned piglets in the starting phase.


Nutritional additive; Intestinal challenge; Pigs; Prebiotic.

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