Technology transference in soybean culture – COPACOL experience

Lineu Alberto Domit, Milton Dalbosco, Rubem Marco de Salles Santos, Maria de Fátima Guimarães


This paper analyzed the technology transfer methodology, the Training and Visit System (T&V), applied by Agroindustrial Cooperative of Consolata – COPACOL. The objective was to demonstrate that the continuous and holistic application of a technology transfer system may speed up the awareness and the adoption of these technologies by the farmers and result in positive outcomes for all actors and institutions involved in the process. The methodology of technology transfer analyzed, the T&V System, is already used by Embrapa Soybean, a branch of Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation – EMBRAPA, Rural Extension and Technical Assistance Corporation - EMATER, Agronomic institute of Parana - IAPAR and Cooperative Organization of Parana – OCEPAR as partners. It was concluded that the T&V System may be an important tool for improvement of the validation and transfer of technologies generated by research institutions. In the COPACOL, the T&V contributed with the technological development of the technicians and farmers. It contributed also, with the growth of the profit obtained by the farmers who participated of the T&V as compared with the average growth obtained by the other farmers, members of the cooperative. Finally, it was observed that the time of adoption of new technologies was decreased with the application of the T&V System.


Training and visit; T&V; Cooperative.


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DOI: 10.5433/1679-0359
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