Quantitative analysis of bone marrow in pancytopenic dogs

Angela Ferronato Girardi, Amanda Noéli da Silva Campos, Caroline Argenta Pescador, Arleana do Bom Parto Ferreira de Almeida, Adriane Jorge Mendonça, Luciano Nakazato, Anderson Castro Soares de Oliveira, Valeria Régia Franco Sousa


The pancytopenia can be associated with intra and extra medullary disorders. When the etiology is not obvious, the examination of bone marrow is necessary. The study aims to report and discuss quantitative amendments in bone marrow and their causes in dogs with pancytopenia. Bone marrow aspirate was obtained from 65 dogs with pancytopenia over a period of 13 consecutive months for preparation of smears stained by Giemsa and observed in light microscopy. Five hundred cells differential count was held; and assessed myeloid:erythroid ratio, cellularity, megakaryocytes and direct parasitological examination. The data were evaluated by the Chi-square statistical test. Blood tests of 3120 canines with several clinical changes were analyzed to identify pancytopenia, which accounted for 167 (5.4%) dogs. Interpretation of quantitative characteristics was carried out from the bone marrow smear in 65 pancytopenic dogs and the etiology was established in 40 (61.5%) of these, which included infection by E. canis and L. chagasi, idiopathic aplastic anemia, chronic renal failure and co-infections. In 17 (26.2%) animals were not observed medullary changes. The most bone marrow change was observed myeloid and erythroid hypoplasia in 17 (26.2%) dogs, followed by myeloid and erythroid hyperplasia (24.6%). The myelogram association to the blood cell count allowed the identification of medullary findings and its participation on the occurrence of pancytopenia cases. The number of cases resulting from infectious diseases was 38 (58.5%) in canine assessed: significant number due to its endemic characteristic of the study region.


Cytology; Canine; Cytopenia; Hemoparasites; Myelogram.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5433/1679-0359.2017v38n6p3639

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