Evaluation of dairy sheep lambs supplemented with crude glycerin conveyed in water during pregnancy and lactation

Hemilly Cristina Menezes Sá, Iran Borges, Gilberto de Lima Macedo Junior, Felipe Santiago Santos, Luigi Francis Lima Cavalcanti, Flávio Augusto Pereira Alvarenga, Tássia Ludmila Teles Martins, Joana Palhares Campolina


The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of crude glycerin (CG) suplementation in sheep diets during pregnancy and transition period. Twenty-four Lacaune x East Friesian genotypes sheep were randomly assigned to four treatments. Diet was composed of roughage: tifton hay, and standard concentrate for the categories, being these similar among the treatments, whereas the CG differed for the supplements in (zero, 1,5, 3,0 and 4,5% of dry matter) being It added to the animals’ drinking water. The sheep received supplementation during all pregnancy and lactation. Dry matter intake during gestation was reduced with the higher supplementation of CG in the animals’ drinking water, presenting a linear decreasing response and remaining until delivery. Throughout lactation, the variable presented a linear behavior with the supplementation of CG on the eighteenth day of this phase, after a quadratic behavior was observed until the end of the evaluated period. The beta-hydroxybutyrate and non-esterified fatty acids levels were not influenced by CG supplementation throughout the gestation period. CG suplementation conveyed in water did not affect negatively milk production and composition.


Hydroxybutyrate; Byproducts; Glycerol; Sheep.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5433/1679-0359.2017v38n4Supl1p2681

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