Ruminal degradability and carbohydrates and proteins fractioning of triticale silages in singular culture or in mixtures with oat and/or legumes

Valter Harry Bumbieris Junior, Clóves Cabreira Jobim, Jean-Claude Emile, Robson Rossi, Moysés Calixto Junior, Antonio Ferriani Branco


It was aimed to evaluate the ruminal degradability, and the fractioning of carbohydrates, as well as of the nitrogen fractions of triticale silages in singular culture or in mixtures with oats and/or legumes. The treatments had been: triticale silage (X. Triticosecale Wittimack) (ST); triticale silage + forage pea (Pisum arvense) (STE); triticale silage + oats (Avena strigosa Scheb) + forage pea + vetch (Vicia sativa) (STAE). Three castrated bovine Prim’Holstein males had been used, with average live weight of 300 kg, having ruminal cannulas. The incubation times had duration of 0, 6, 12, 24, 48, 72 and 96 hours. Fractions, a, c and ED of the DM of STAE silage was higher (30,33; 0,026 and 45,45%) than others silages. Fraction b of the DM of ST silage was higher (58,45%) than STE silages (45,36%) and STAE (44,37%). In CP the ST silage presented higher fraction (72.12%). For the potentially degradability fraction (b) of CP it was not observed difference among treatments. The degradation rate (c) of the CP was higher for STE silage (0.063%) than ST ensilage (0,012%), however this was similar to the STAE (0,045%). ED of CP was better for STE silage (77,71%). ST silage presented fraction a and b for NDF highest (8,62 and 81,99%) than others silages. The degradation rate (c) of NDF was higher for STAE (0,027%). ED for NDF did not present difference among treatments. ST silage presented the best values for the total carbohydrates (83,97%) than STE (79,87%) and STAE silages (76,77%). STE and STAE silages presented better DM degradability and suggest to be a potential source of non degradable protein in the rumen. The exclusive triticale silage revealed superior with regard to the degradability of fiber fraction, also presenting higher amount of total carbohydrates potentially degraded.


Conserved forage; Fiber; Nutrients; Rúmen.


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