Method for determining bovine brucellosis vaccination coverage

Rosely Bianca dos Santos Kuroda, Risia Lopes Negreiros, Raul Ossada, José Soares Ferreira Neto, Marcos Amaku, Ricardo Augusto Dias, Evelise Oliveira Telles, José Henrique Hildebrand Grisi-Filho, Marcos Bryan Heinemann, Fernando Ferreira


In light of recent efforts in Brazil to increase B19 strain vaccine coverage of heifers, this study proposes a standardized methodology for the calculation of vaccination coverage among the Federal Units. To illustrate its use, the method was applied to data from the state of Mato Grosso to calculate vaccination coverage from 2006 to 2010. The results provide the best estimate based on data currently available in most states and can be easily adapted to situations in which the cattle registries use different age categories from those used in the state of Mato Grosso.


Brucellosis; Bovine; Vaccination coverage.

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