Prevalence and herd-level risk factors for bovine tuberculosis in the State of Paraná, Brazil

Maria do Carmo Pessôa Silva, Vítor Salvador Picão Gonçalves, Ana Lourdes Arrais de Alencar Mota, Mariza Koloda, José Soares Ferreira Neto, José Henrique Hildebrand Grisi-Filho, Ricardo Augusto Dias, Marcos Amaku, Evelise Oliveira Telles, Fernando Ferreira, Marcos Bryan Heinemann, Amauri Alcindo Alfieri, Ernst Eckehardt Muller


Bovine tuberculosis is a zoonosis with worldwide distribution. Its control has a direct impact on public health and livestock production. This study estimated the prevalence of infected herds and adult bovines and evaluated risk factors associated with the presence of tuberculosis within herds in the state of Paraná. The state was divided in seven livestock regions and independent sampling was performed. A total of 1,419 farms were sampled and 16,045 animals were tested using the intradermal comparative cervical tuberculin diagnostic test. The apparent and estimated prevalence rates in farms and adult bovine animals were 2.15% (95% CI: 1.31-3.00) and 0.42% (95% CI: 0.04-0.81), respectively. It was not possible to state with 95% confidence that the disease prevalence in any region was significantly different from that in other regions. There were no positive animals in the western region, and the prevalence of positive herds and animals in the other regions ranged from 1.03% to 3.89% and 0.17% to 1.08%, respectively. The logistic regression model identified larger herd size (OR = 2.4) and mechanical cmilking (OR = 5.18) as risk factors associated with the presence of bovine tuberculosis. The combination of low prevalence with risk factors associated to larger herds and more intensive dairy farming, renders the state of Paraná a good candidate for the implementation of industry-based free-herd accreditation schemes and makes a case for planning risk-based surveillance targeted at major dairy basins.


Mycobacterium bovis; Paraná; Prevalence; Risk Factors.

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