Phosphate and potassium at sowing and anticipated on soybean grown in soil from Cerrado

Roni Fernandes Guareschi, Paulo Roberto Gazolla, Edson Luiz Souchie, Anisio Correa da Rocha Rocha


This  work  aimed  to  compare  the  soybean  yield  when  phosphorus  and  potassium manuring  was anticipated or at sowing. The experiment was carried out under feld conditions  in a dystrophic Red Latosol  (Oxisol). A completely  randomized block design with six  treatments and  four  replicates was used. The treatments were: 1) no manuring; 2) P and K at sowing; 3) anticipated P and K; 4) anticipated P; 5) anticipated K; 6) half of P and K anticipated and the another half at sowing. Yield, weight of 1000 grains, number of grains per pods and number of pods per plant were evaluated at harvest. There was no difference between anticipated and sowing fertilization to soybean. Therefore, the best option to soil fertilization should be that with the lowest cost.


Glycine max; Prefertilization; Fertilizers; Soil fertility.


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