Contribution of basal and aerial tillers to forage production dynamics in Tifton-85 bermudagrass irrigated with fishpond wastewater and fertilized with NPK

Bruno Augusto de Souza Almeida, Claudio Mistura, Timóteo Silva dos Santos Nunes, Rodrigo Oliveira Borges, Mário Adriano Ávila Queiroz, Gilmara Moreira de Oliveira, Eder Jofry Benevides Araújo, Pedro Alves Ferreira Filho


This paper aims to assess the contribution of basal and aerial tillers to structural and productive characteristics of Tifton 85 bermudagrass, irrigated with fish tank wastewaters and fertilized with NPK. The experiment was conducted in the city of Petrolina-PE, Northeastern Brazil. The evaluated area had 960 m2 subdivided into five treatments and ten replicates, in a completely randomized design. Treatments consisted of different fertilization rates of NPK (0, 33, 67, 100, and 150%) as recommended by the Handbook of Fertilization Recommendations for the State of Pernambuco, and based on a prior soil analysis. Irrigation water came from fishponds with Nile Tilapia fingerlings. The experiment was divided into four intervals of 27, 29, 18, and 21 days respective to the first, second, third, and fourth cuts. Both tiller types were analyzed for number of individuals, culm length and diameter, fully- and partially-expanded leaves, leaf length and width (fully or partially expanded), dry mass of leaves (fully and partially expanded and total), culm, dead tissue, and total tiller, and the ratio of leaf and culm. Both structural and productive characteristics showed a linear growth trend for both types, with emphasis on the basal tillers. Thus, a suitable supply of nutrients is crucial for grasses, mainly NPK, as these are macronutrients of vital importance in physiological processes. In addition to the nutrients supplied via fish farming wastewater, fertilization with 150% of the recommended amount of NPK promoted a greater structural development of the tillers, increasing their productivity levels.


Cynodon spp; Fertilization; Tillering; Water reuse.

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