Parasitoids of Diptera collected in traps of different colors from Southern of Goias State

Carlos Henrique Marchiori, Vanessa Arantes Alvarenga, Francielle Queiroz Cordeiro, Aline Coutinho Silva, Joelma de Oliveira Fidelis, Gefferson José Silva


The objective of this study was to report parasitoids of Diptera collected in traps of different colors in the south of Goias state. Twelve traps two as of each color were used, painted yellow, black, red, white, green and blue were used two as of each color. The pupae were obtained by the flotation method. They were individually placed in gelatin capsules until the emergency of the adult flies or their parasitoids. Between March and December 2006, 17 parasitoid specimens were collected from the yellow trap, 15 from the blue trap, 12 from the white trap, 37 from the black trap, one from the green trap and three from the red trap. The parasitoids did not present any preference for any of the trap colors (F=0.772; P=0.58). The most frequently collected parasitoid species was Brachymeria podagrica (Fabricius, 1789) (Hymenoptera: Chalcididae), with 80.0%.


Dipterous; Himenopterous; Baits; Biocontrol; Natural enemy.


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