Ripening evolution and physico-chemical characteristics of ‘Isabel’ grape on differents rootstocks in North of Paraná

Alessandro Jefferson Sato, Bruno Jubileu da Silva, Roseneide Bertolucci, Mariana Carielo, Marília Cherobin Guiraud, Inês Cristina de Batista Fonseca, Sérgio Ruffo Roberto


The aim of this research was to characterize the ripening evolution, physico-chemical and productive characteristcs of ‘Isabel’ (Vitis labrusca) grafted on ‘IAC 766 Campinas’, ‘IAC 572 Jales’ and ‘420-A’ rootstocks for grape juice in the North of Paraná. The trial was carried out in a experimental vineyard located at Technology Center of Corol Cooperative, located at Rolândia, PR. The vineyard was established in July, 2002 and grafted in 2003. The randon design was used as the statistical model with four repetitions. The trees were cultivated in GDC (Geneva Double Curtain) system, in a 2.0 x 3.5m spacing. From the ripening early ripening up to seven days after harvest were collected weekly 60 samples to evaluate the ripening evolution and at moment of the harvest were evaluated the text of total soluble solids (TSS), tritable acidity (TA), TSS/TA ratio and pH, beyond the mass and length of the clusters, the mass and the diameter of the berries and the number of cluster per tree and per ha. It was also estimated the production (kg/plant) and productivity of cultivars (t/ha). The rootstocks had similar influence in the ripening evolution and it was better fitted to the square and cubic regressions however the mass and length of the clusters the ‘IAC 766 Campinas’ and ‘IAC 572 Jales’ had not difference between itself and they had been superior in relation to ‘420-A’. For mass and diameter of berries the rootstocks didn´t have influence and for number of clusters per tree, production and productivity the ‘IAC 766 Campianas’ were superior in relation to others rootstocks.


Viticulture; Juice; Vitis labrusca.


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DOI: 10.5433/1679-0359
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