Use of digital images for color evaluation in ‘banana prata’ submitted to different post-harvest treatments

Simone Silmara Werner, Silvia Renata Machado Coelho, Anna Paula Poncio, Letícia Ferreira


This trial aimed at analyzing the changes of banana “Prata” peel color through digital images, submitted to post harvest treatments in order to increase storage time. The fruits, whose peels color were totally green, were submitted  to six different  treatments: T –  immersion  in chlorine water  for  three minutes (control), H3 – hydrothermal (50°C for three minutes); H8 hydrothermal (50°C for eight minutes); HP – immersion in hypochlorite 0.2% for three minutes; OS – immersion in soybean oil at 10% for three minutes and OM – immersion in mineral oil at 10% for three minutes. The fruits were stored at room temperature and analyzed at 1, 7, 14 days after using digital images and also daily visual evaluation. The treatments OS and OM preserved the banana green color for a longer time, but there were some changes in the normal peel color due the formation of dark stain spots, indicating probable inadequate OS and OM treatments. The fruits submitted to H3, H8 and HP treatments ripenned faster, considering the observed color. Both visual and digital images confrmed the values obtained. Suggesting a method relationship.


Musa sp; Ripening; Peel color.


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