Nutrient uptake by greenhouse net melon

Cristiaini Kano, Quirino Augusto de Camargo Carmello, Silvana da Silva Cardoso, José Antônio Frizzone


For presenting more commercial value, the net melon (Cucumis melo L. var reticulatus Naud.) has been an option of greenhouse planting for the horticulturists. This work was carried out in Piracicaba, Brazil with the aim of evaluating the nutrient uptake from this melon cultivated in greenhouse. To obtain the nutrients accumulation in the different stages of the plant development, plants were collected in the transplant day (seedling), in the vegetative stage, in the beginning of the flowering stage, in the beginning and in the middle of fruit production period and in the harvest period. It was verified that the greatest increase of nutrient uptake happened between the beginning of the flowering and the beginning of the fruit production. The greatest dry matter accumulation happened between the beginning of the fruit production and the middle of fruit production period. The decrescent order of nutrients accumulated in the above ground part of the plant was: potassium > nitrogen > calcium > magnesium > sulphur > phosphorus > iron > manganese > zinc > copper ~ boron.


Cucumis melo var; Reticulatus Naud; Nutritional demand and fertirrigation


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