Soil covers and irrigation in the production of watermelon

Joaquim Alves de Lima Junior, Paulo Roberto de Andrade Lopes


The present work was carried out  in  the section of horticulture of  the Universidade Federal Rural da Amazônia (UFRA) in Belém-PA, in the period from August 15, 2004 to January 16, 2005. The aim was to evaluate the effect of soil covering and different irrigation methods on the yield of the watermelon. The experimental design was blocks at random in a 4 x 3 factorial outline, with four replications and 10 plants per parcel. Three soil covering were used, flm of polyethylene of low density and couple face; coconut fber; and straw. The irrigation methods used were localized (drip) and surface (furrow). It was obtained an increase in the number of fruits with irrigation. The utilization of the drip irrigation provided a medium fruit weight of 6.24 kg and diameter of 24.34 and 22.44 cm (longitudinal and transversal). Coconut fber and straw covering provided greater measures to the number of fruits , around 11.77 and 9.66, respectively. It was also observed that there was no difference on the longitudinal diameter of the fruit with the use of the different coverings.


Citrullus lanatus; Plasticulture; Crop.


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