In vitro establishment of Jacaratia spinosa (Aubl.) ADC

João Paulo Marana, Édison Miglioranza, Ricardo Tadeu de Faria


The experiment had the objective of developing a protocol for the in vitro establishment of Jacaratia spinosa in different concentrations of 6-benzylamino purine (6-BA). The explants were, caulinars apexes of plants proceeding from the field, disinfested with solution of Saniagri® 33% v/v, during 15 minutes and later sprayed with a solution of sodium hypochlorite 1% v/v. The Murashige and Skoog medium was used with the concentration of sucrose reduced for 5g L-1. The 6-BA concentrations had been: (T1) 0,0 mg L-1, (T2) 0,5 mg L-1, (T3) 1,0 mg L-1, (T4) 1,5 mg L-1, (T5) 2,0 mg L-1. The experiment was installed in a completely randomized design, with 10 apexes per treatment. The visual evaluations of the frequencies of survival of the apexes and number of lateral shoots, had weekly been made, per 90 days, and the results in percentage were submitted to the regression analysis and test of the Quisquare. The decontamination percentage varied between 60% and 80%. The frequencies of survival of the apexes had varied from 41.7% up to 58.3%, however with no statistical differences among the treatments. It was not observed the emission of lateral shoots in the used treatments, during the 90 days, but new studies are necessary with other concentrations of phytoregulators.


Caricaceae; Caulinar apex; Tissue culture.


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