Seasonal chlorophyll variations in Tabebuia avellanedae and Anadenanthera colubrine leaves

Mariângela Brito Freiberger, Gustavo Castoldi, Deniele Marini, Aleteia Lang, Neusa Francisca Michelon Herzog, Ubirajara Contro Malavasi


The experiment had the aim of quantifying seasonal chlorophyll variation on leaves of Anadenanthera colubrina and Tabebuia avellanedae. The experiment used a randomized block design established as a 2 x 3 factorial (two species and three sampling seasons) with 5 replications. The concentrations of chlorophyll in leaves were performed at the end of winter, late spring, and summer. The content of chlorophyll a changed only for A. colubrina, bringing up from spring (117.52 µg mL-1) to summer (151.13 µg mL-1). For the two species, the proportion of chlorophyll b was higher between periods at the end of spring (average of 29.31 µg mL-1) to the end of summer (average of 74.96 µg mL-1) with close relationship with the decrease in global solar irradiance. The chlorophyll a/b relationship increased in late spring due to reduction of chlorophyll b content. A. colubrina showed greater adaptation to the studied environment.


Acclimation; Heliophytic species; Luminosity


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