Primer design for complete sequencing of the Avastrovirus ORF2 gene

Luis Ramiro Luna Espinoza, Laila Andreia Rodrigues Beserra, Rodrigo Martins Soares, Fabio Gregori


Avastrovirus infection is associated with enteric disease, nephritis, and hepatitis in birds. In this study, we present a protocol for the complete sequencing of the ORF2 gene of avian nephritis virus (ANV), chicken astrovirus (CAstV), and turkey astrovirus type 1 (TAstV-1) using a conventional Sanger technique. Previously and newly designed primer pairs targeting both the conserved flanking and internal regions of the ORF2 gene of these three viruses were used. The information derived from the astroviral sequences obtained in this study is fundamental for characterizing this virus and providing data regarding several aspects of disease epidemiology and prevention.


PCR; Sequencing; Avastrovirus; Avian; ORF2.

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