Strawberries storage conservation in modified atmosphere

Rogério Lopes Vieites, Regina Marta Evangelista, Cíntia de Souza Silva, Marcelo Luis Martins


The objective of this work was to evaluate the quality and conservation of strawberries in modified atmosphere. ‘Oso Grande’ strawberries, produced in Botucatu-SP-Brazil, and picked in the ¾ red maturation stages were used. The experiment consisted in the storage of the fruits in polyethylene packages under different gaseous mixtures: control; vacuous; 5% O2 and 1% CO2; 5% O2 and 3% CO2; 5% O2 and 5% CO2. The analyzed parameters were: appearance, shelf life, incidence of disease, soluble solids, titratable acidity, vitamin C and firmness. For evaluation of the post-harvest conservation the fruits were stored in 0o C +/- 1o C / 90 +/- 5% UR ambient for 12 days and appraised every 2 days. The statistical layout was completely randomized, by comparing the means with Tukey test in a ratio of 5% probability. The obtained results allow to conclude that the fruits of the treatment testify didn’t present statistical differences of the other treatments except the one of vacuous partial.


Words; Fragaria ananassa Duch; Gaseous mixtures; Storage; Post harvest.


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