Effect of biodegradable starch packing on storage of processed cheese

Juliana Bonametti Olivato, Suzana Mali, Maria Victória Eiras Grossmann


There is an increasing interest in the utilization of renewable resources for the production of food packaging. Among the biopolymers, starches from several sources have been considered as one of the most promising material for this purpose; and the reasons for this are that starches are biodegradable, inexpensive and available in all world. This work had the objective of evaluate the effect of yam starch biodegradable packaging on storage (30 days / 4oC) of comercial-processed cheese and to compare with conventional packaging. The results showed that conventional packaging presented the better behavior on weight and water activity retention of samples during all storage time than starch packaging. Considering microbiological counts, only control samples (unpackaged) showed contamination. Titratable acidity and pH of packaged samples did not differ for starch or conventional package (Tukey test, p ? 0.05) during all storage time. Considering the presented results, yam starch could be used as an alternative to package processed cheese, but more studies have to be done to improve starch films as a water vapor barrier.




Biodegradable package; Storage and processed cheese.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5433/1679-0359.2006v27n1p81

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