CALPOT, phosphate and silicon co-applied to the soil on soybean crop

Cristine Elizabeth Alvarenga Carneiro, Roberto Antunes Fioretto, Inês Cristina Batista Fonseca, Geraldo Estevam de Souza Carneiro


Seeking to supply Ca, Mg, K and to improve the P availability to soybean, CALPOT and metallurgy scum were applied. The treatments were: 1) Control; 2) CALPOT + P + Si; 3) CALPOT + P; 4) CALPOT + Si; 5) Si + P; 6) Lime; 7) CALPOT. The basic cátions Ca, Mg and K were applied as CALPOT, (dolomitic lime and potassium cloride) with dosages in order to reach the base equilibrium of: 50% Ca, 10% Mg, and 3% K. The applied P was 100 kg ha-1 and Si twice of P dose (200 kg ha-1). The CALPOT + P + Si treatments established the balance in bases, incrased the P availability in the soil, and produced larger weight of leaves, and total dry matter. The co-application of these elements did not disable phosphorus supply and other nutrients to the plants.


Index terms; Basic cátions; Chemical balance; Nutrition; Phosphorus.


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