Nitrogen fertilization for wheat growing in dual purpose integrated system of agricultural production

Éderson Luis Henz, Paulo Sergio Gois Almeida, João Pedro Velho, José Laerte Nörnberg, Leandro das Dores Ferreira da Silva, Fernando Luiz Massaro Junior, Geisi Loures Guerra


Nowadays, there are numerous arrangements of Integrated Systems of Agricultural Production, due, the particularities of each region and/or rural enterprise. The use of dual-purpose species such as, for example, BRS Tarumã® wheat further intensifies the system, because there is plant-animal production in a short time. Study aimed to evaluate the production and chemical composition of dual purpose wheat pastures managed with different DAN during periods of spikelet terminal (ST) and anthesis (AN), aiming crop production (pasture and grain) and animal (milk and / or meat). The experimental randomized block design with five treatments (0, 75, 150, 225 e 300 Kg de N ha-1, in the form of ammonium nitrate) and four replications. The average biomass values before the first and the second grazing were respectively: 2,164 and 2,127 kg DM per hectare and the waste of about 824 and 1,772 kg of DM per hectare and the daily average accumulation rate between the two grazing DM was 86 kg per hectare at 17 day intervals. The variables, number of spikes per square meter, grain number per square meter, thousand grain weight, hectoliter weight and grain yield did not differ (P>0.05) between treatments. Nitrogen fertilization increases linearly (P=0.0017) the size of the spikes depending on nitrogen rates. For the linear variable layering increased (P=0.0001), indicating the susceptibility of the crop to high levels of nitrogen. The application of nitrogen fertilizer levels in dual purpose grazed wheat before the spikelet terminal stage and anthesis does not influence on grain yield variables. The nitrogen fertilization on wheat double purpose must be fractionated at tillering and after each grazing increasing the remobilization rate of nitrogen by culture.


Meat; Fertility; Grain; Crop-livestock integration; Milk; Pasture.

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