Conservation and viability of refrigerated platelet-rich plasma from New Zealand rabbits

Lucas Vilela Perroni Silva, Duvaldo Eurides, Marina Greco Magalhães Guerra de Andrade, Marcelo Carrijo da Costa, Vinicius Candido Ferreira, Marina de Oliveira Silva, Ednaldo Carvalho Guimarães


Fifteen male New Zealand rabbits were used in this study, with the aim of storing their platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for 30 days at 4-6 °C to investigate its conservation and viability during this period. Thirty samples of PRP were prepared and sorted into three equal groups (G1, G2, and G3), and every three days a sample was taken out for evaluationof the number of platelets, mean platelet volume (MPV), pH of the plasma, aggregation post addition of calcium thromboplastin, and for the presence of bacterial and fungal contamination. Results suggested that, for the number of platelets, there was no linear relationship over time. However, when comparing the number of platelets pre-storage to that post-storage, a statistical difference was observed. The hemogram MPV variables, pre and post-storage, also did not relate with time however, there was a statistical difference between the MPV of hemogram and MPV pre-storage, and between MPV pre-storage and MPV post-storage. From the pH evaluation, no influence of time on the variables was found, but statistical differences were found in the samples after storage between 30 and 6 days, 30 and 24 days, and 30 and 27 days. Platelet aggregation occurred within twenty seconds in all samples, independent of storage time. There was no growth of bacteria or yeast in any sample; however, mold growth occurred in the samples stored for 21 days from G1 and G3. It can be concluded that the PRP of rabbits can be stored in 4-6 °C refrigeration for up to18 days and still maintain the number of platelets, with no significant pH alteration or bacterial or fungal contamination.


Platelet aggregation; Platelet concentrate; Storage.

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