Evaluation of offspring of dairy sheep given water supplemented with crude glycerin during pregnancy and lactation

Hemilly Cristina Menezes Sá, Iran Borges, Gilberto de Lima Macedo Junior, Felipe Santiago Santos, Luigi Francis Lima Cavalcanti, Natália Ludmila Lins Lima, Flávio Augusto Pereira Alvarenga, Luciana Freitas Guedes


The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of crude glycerin (CG) supplementation of dairy ewes during pregnancy and early lactation on the body weight and measurements of offspring from birth to weaning. Twenty-four lambs from 24 Lacaune x East Friesian genotype ewes were evaluated. The sheep were distributed in four treatments that differed in crude glycerin supplementation of 0%, 1.5%, 3.0%, and 4.5%, as well as the concomitant adjustment of dry matter and water intake. Body measurements of lambs were recorded every two weeks from birth until weaning. Body weight was recorded daily. Multiple regression analysis revealed that supplementation with CG explained 5.2% of the variation in the weight of lambs at birth (LW), accompanied by the body condition score of the ewe (12.3%), sex of lamb (19.2%), and live weight of the ewes (26.5%); r2 was 63%. According to the predictions of the model adjusted for simulated scenarios, the leanest lambs were derived from ewes weighing between 40 and 50 kg, with body condition scores from 4 to 5, and that did not receive CG at intermediate levels. Heavier lambs, with LW above 5.5 kg, were derived from ewes that weighed between 80 to 90 kg with low body condition scores of 3, and that received 1.5% CG. Supplementation with CG between 2% and 4% improves the weight of the lambs at birth. Body measurements of lambs were not influenced by dietary supplementation of ewes with CG.


Biometrics; Byproducts; Glycerol; Ovine.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5433/1679-0359.2016v37n4Supl1p2567

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