Bacterial Levan: tecnological aspects, characteristics and production

Fernanda M. P. G. Ernandes, Crispin Humberto Garcia-Cruz


Levan is an exopolysaccharide, constituted by fructose units, ? (2- 6) linked, obtained by transfructosilation reaction during microorganisms fermentation in a sucrose rich but wi thout glucose, fructose or mixtures in the culture media. Bacterial levan production is a good alternative fructose source, besides having certain functional characteristics in the human body, such as a hypocholesterolemic and an anticarcinogenic agent. In the food industry, levan can be used to fix colors and flavors, as well as thickening and stabilizing agent. In the bacterial levan production, Zymomonas mobilis has been considered the best possible alternative, since it uses as carbon source sucrose or industrial residues that contain this sugar, in different concentrations, in a mineral salts rich medium. Levan production is not only influenced by carbon source and its concentration, but also by pH, temperature and type of salts. Moreover, the oxygenation of the fermentation medium, also affect the characteristics of the molecule and the cellular growth. In this revision some important topics concerning the bacterial levan production are presented.


Levan; Production; Technological characteristics; Bacteria.


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