Use of a locking plate “notched head T-plate®” for the fixation of an ilial body fracture in a dog

Cassio Ricardo Auada Ferrigno, Paulo Vinícius Tertuliano Marinho, Márcio Poletto Ferreira, Jaqueline França dos Santos, Ísis dos Santos Dal-Bó, Fernanda Paes, Viviane Sanchez Galeazzi


Several types of implants may be used to treat iliac fractures in dogs, of which osteosynthesis with plate is the most described and recommended in the literature. The type of plate and screw are major factors in osteosynthesis success. The use of locking plates has been advocated for this purpose, as they do not allow the plate-bone-screw unit to shift, providing angular stability and rigidity to the system. The present study aimed to describe the unprecedented use of a locking notched head T-plate in the treatment of a caudal body of ilium fracture. A two year old male mongrel dog was attended after falling from a third floor height, with two days of evolution. The animal was in standing position, and during orthopedic examination non-weight bearing lameness of the right hind limb, instability, and crepitus in the right body of ilium, with considerable swelling and pain. The radiographic examination allowed diagnosing a complete fracture of the caudal body of ilium with decrease of the pelvic canal diameter. The patient underwent surgery, and the fracture was stabilized with an LCP notched head T-plate. The patient evolved satisfactorily, with good weight-bearing of the affected limb within 24 hours of surgery, and complete recovery with medical discharge after 60 days of postoperative period, with consolidation of the fracture.


Orthopedics; Traumatology; Pelvis; LCP.


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