Chemical products for Ichthyophthirius multifiliis, Fouquet (1876) controll in surubim do Iguaçu Steindachneridion sp., Garavello (1991) Fingerlings

Sidnei Klein, Aldi Feiden, Wilson R. Boscolo, Adilson Reidel, Altevir Signor, Arcângelo A. Signor


This experiment aimed to control the Ichthyophthirius multifiliis parasite in Steindachneridion sp. fingerlins. One hundred and eighty fingerlins distributed in an experimental delineation entirely randomized, with six treatments and six repetitions in 28L aquariums was used. The treatments had consisted of inoculations and banns: Inoculations with NaCl 1% (T1); Formaline 25 mg.L-1 (T2) and KMnO4 mg.L-1 (T3). For banns, with NaCl 3 % per 10 minutes (T4); Formol 250 mg.L-1 for 1 hour (T5) and KmnO4 mg.L-1 during 10 minutes (T6). The period of the experiment was seven days. The T2 treatment presented better resulted scrumbling 50% the infestation with 80% of survival of the fingerlins registering a significant difference (P<0,05), in relation to the other treatments. For fingerlings of Steindachneridion sp. sends regards formol 25 mg/L inoculated in the water period of seven days for control of I. multifiliis.


Therapeutical agents; Ichthyophthirius multifiliis; Steindachneridion sp.


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