Characteristics of fruits of atemoya cultivars produced in northern Paraná state

Carmen Silvia Vieira Janeiro Neves, Edmar Nobuya Yuhara


The atemoya, Annona squamosa Mill. x A. cherimola L., is a hybrid of the sugar apple and cherimoya. It has been of great interest in Brazil, but there is little information on fruit characteristics. The aim of this research work was to evaluate physical and chemical characteristics of fruits of four atemoya cultivars in the North of Paraná State conditions. Cultivars ‘PR-3’, ‘Gefner’, ‘Thompson’, and ‘African Pride’ presented fruit weight of 368, 275, 313 and 357 g and flesh percentage of 58, 63, 46 and 51 %, respectively. Seed number per fruit ranged from 23 to 38. Titratable acidity was 0,17 % (in ‘PR-3’) to 0,30 % (in ‘Thompson’) and total soluble solids were from 16,4 oBrix (in ‘African Pride’) to 26,1 oBrix (in ‘Thompson’).


Annona cherimola Millx A.squamosa L. Titratable acidity; Total soluble solids; Seed number.


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