Immobilization and nutrient uptake in ‘early isabella’ grapevines grafted on different rootstocks in organic management

Alessandro Jefferson Sato, Renato Vasconcelos Botelho, Doglas Broetto, Thiago Marchi, Ires Cristina Ribeiro Oliari


This study evaluated the immobilization and nutrient uptake in an experimental organic vineyard of ‘Early Isabella’ grapevines in the Midwestern region of Parana State, Brazil. The experimental design was implemented in randomized blocks with two different rootstocks ‘Paulsen 1103’ and ‘VR 043-43’ along with four replications and three plants per plot. Five years after planting, one plant per plot was completely removed from the soil and then subdivided into root, stem and canes. The remaining plants in the area were managed until harvest. The sectioned parts and clusters were dried in a forced air oven at 65°C. The dry mass was subsequently determined and mineral analyses were performed. The amounts of nutrient uptake immobilized by ‘Early Isabella’ grapevines with yields between 9.9 and 16.6 t ha-1 were 64.9, 19.0, 156.9, 45.8 and 12.7 kg ha –1 for N, P, K, Ca, Mg, respectively, when grafted on Paulsen ‘1103’ and 112.8, 29.3, 260.8, 82.3 and 26.0 kg ha-1, respectively, when grafted on ‘VR 043-43’.


Mineral nutrition; Vitis labrusca; Paulsen ‘1103’ and ‘VR 043-43’.

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