Chemical composition of elephant grass silages supplemented with different levels of dehydrated cashew bagasse

Danillo Glaydson Farias Guerra, Isaac Sydney Alves da Silva Maia, Alexandre Paula Braga, Liz Carolina da Silva Lagos Cortes Assis, Jesane Alves de Lucena, Denise Cristiane Bidler, Clemente Fernandes dos Santos Neto, Yonara Francisca Medeiros e Silva, Maria Izabel Batista Pereira, Márcia Marcila Fernandes Pinto


The objective of the present study was to evaluate the chemical composition of elephant grass silages supplemented with different levels dried cashew bagasse (DCB). Our experiment used a randomized design replicated four times, each replicate consisting of the following five treatments: 100% elephant grass; 95% elephant grass + 5% DCB; 90% elephant grass + 10% DCB; 85% elephant grass + 15% DCB; and 80% elephant grass + 20% DCB. The elephant grass was cut manually to a residual height of 5 cm at 80 days of age, and cashew bagasse was obtained from the processing of cashew stalks used in fruit pulp manufacturing in Mossoró/RN. Plastic buckets were used as experimental silos, and 90 days after ensiling the experimental silos were opened and the contents analyzed. The addition of dried cashew bagasse to silage linearly increased the levels of dried matter and crude protein by 0.59% and 0.13%, respectively, for each 1% addition (P < 0.05). The neutral detergent fiber and acid detergent content of the silages was reduced by 0.22% and 0.09%, respectively, for each 1% addition of the bagasse. The total carbohydrate content was not influenced by the bagasse addition (P > 0.05), and averaged 82.29%. The levels of non-fiber carbohydrate showed linear growth (P < 0.05) as the dehydrated cashew bagasse was added, and pH and ammoniacal nitrogen levels were reduced. The addition of the dehydrated bagasse to elephant grass silage improves its chemical composition, and it can be effectively added up to the level of 20%.


Additive; Fermentation; By-product.

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