Beef traceability: a demand for food safety

Jorge Antônio Ferreira de Lara, Adriana Lourenço Soares, Presley Nogueira de Lima, Elza Iouko Ida, Massami Shimokomaki


The increasing consumer demand for safe meat products is asking for the productive sector a continuous adaptation for quality products. The traceability program is in accordance to this perspective because it integrates the whole productive chain within a tracking system and certification. However countrywide, the existence of unequal technical capacity within the components involved in each process step is a challenge to be accomplished. Traceability is currently a necessity in order to have new markets. Thus, in this work, the authors discuss the actions taken by federal inspection and productive sector in order to attend the consumer’s demands with emphasis on the European Community.


Food safety; Beef traceability; Normatization.


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DOI: 10.5433/1679-0359
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