Carcass and meat characteristics from dairy-origin steers fed with diets based on ground pearl millet grain, containing inclusion levels of babassu mesocarp meal

Wanderson Martins Alencar, João Restle, Regis Luis Missio, José Neuman Miranda Neiva, Fabrícia Rocha Chaves Miotto, Aline Evangelista Machado Santana, Wescley Faccini Augusto, Ithálo Barros de Freitas, Denise Adelaide Gomes Elejalde


This study aimed to evaluate carcass and meat characteristics of feedlot-finished steers of dairy origin fed with pearl millet grain-based diets, containing inclusion levels of babassu mesocarp bran (BMB) (0, 12, 24, 36 and 48%). A total of 30 Holstein-Zebu crossbred steers with an average initial weight of 371.02 ± 27 kg were randomly divided into six groups fed with different experimental diets (five pearl millet-based diets containing inclusion levels of BMB and one standard corn-based diet). Each diet had five replications. Isonitrogenous diets had a roughage/concentrate ratio of 20/80. BMB inclusion level in the diet reduced slaughter and carcass weight from 488.4 and 242.2 kg to 454.0 and 226.7 kg, respectively. The subcutaneous fat thickness, conformation, and pistol cut weight were also reduced to 38.8, 13.6, and 9%, respectively, as the BMB inclusion level in the diet increased. Meat characteristics were not affected by BMB inclusion levels in the diet. Regarding carcass and meat characteristics, no difference was observed in the analysis of contrasts between BMB diets and corn- or millet-based diets, or between corn- or millet-based diets. The inclusion of BMB in millet-based diets should consider the cost/benefit ratio, as it reduces slaughter and carcass weight, while the main meat characteristics remain unchanged. However, total substitution of corn by millet grains in feedlot diets does not alter bovine carcass and meat characteristics.


By-products; Carcass; Corn; Marbling; Meat; Primary cuts; Subcutaneous fat.

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