Nutritional characteristics and utilization of sugar cane in ruminants feeding

Andréa Pereira Pinto, Elzânia Sales Pereira, Ivone Yurika Mizubuti


The search for forage alternatives in dry season that are economically viable has taken many livestock farmers to use the sugar cane in the ruminants feeding. This bibliographical review was realized with the objective to discuss the sugar cane nutritional characteristics and its utilization in ruminants feeding. Positive and negative aspects had been told as the production potential, the growing easiness and nutritional limitations. Information had been approached as chemical composition, by-product uses and possible treatments, such as the chemical treatment that increases its digestibility and intake, improving the animals performance. The results of different researches suggest some ways of sugar cane use for the satisfactory results obtaining. However, considering that the sugar cane is poor in proteins and mineral elements, there is necessity of protein supplementation to supply the nutritional requirements.


Sugar cane; Nutritional value; Ruminants; Chemical composition; By-product.


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