Virulence of Escherichia coli O139:K82

Benito Guimarães de Brito, Kelly Cristina Tagliari, Itamar Antônio Piffer, Domingos da Silva Leite, Ari Bernardes da Silva


In order to evaluate the pathogenicity and antimicrobial resistance pattern of BK 125 Escherichia coli strain, several tests were assessed: serotype, slide agglutination for detection of the fimbriae F18, presence of the gene Stx2e, verotoxin production, hemolytic activity, pathogenicity assessement using piglet inoculation and antimicrobial resistance to drugs. The strain BK125 showed the following profile: F18+, Stx2e+, Hly+, resistance to streptomicin, tetraciclin, sulfonamides. It produced clinical disease and death of infected piglets. Moreover, it was possible to recover the BK125 strain from diarrheic feces and from the gut contents of the piglet, with high rate of recovery of colonies expressing fimbriae F18. The present results suggest that the E. coli BK125 (O139:K82) strain could produce virulence factors and experimentally reproduce oedema disease in pigs.


Diarrhoea; Piglets; Oedema disease; Virulence factors.


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DOI: 10.5433 / 1679-0359
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