Surgical management of ectrodactyly in a dog

Márcio Poletto Ferreira, Marcelo Meller Alievi, Isis dos Santos Dal-Bó, Fernanda Silveira Nóbrega, Paula Cristina Sieczkowski Gonzalez, Carlos Afonso de Castro Beck


Ectrodactyly is the term used to designate cases in which soft and bone tissue separation within the distal region of the thoracic limbs is present. It is observed in particular below the metacarpal bones and extending to the radius and ulna. In addition, it can often be associated with ipsilateral elbow luxation. We describe a case of ectrodactyly in a 3-month-old mongrel dog, where bone and soft tissue separation occurred between the third and fourth digits, extending proximally to the carpal region. We identified shortening of the ulna without elbow luxation. The dog was subjected to a surgical procedure comprising bone and soft tissue reconstruction and ulnar diaphyseal osteotomy, which was fixed using a Steinmann pin in the intramedullary canal, maintaining a distance of 1 cm between the two ulnar fragments. Two distal phalanges were removed because it was not possible to reposition them anatomically in the limb. The dog walked with mild lameness nine months after surgery.


Malformation; Canine; Orthopedics; Congenital; Radius; Ulna.

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