Procyanidins in Lotus L. genotypes grown in soil with different saturations of aluminum

Sílvia Ortiz Chini, Pedro Alexandre Varella Escosteguy, Simone Meredith Scheffer-Basso, Andréa Michel Sobottka, Charise Dallazem Bertol, Miguel Dall'Agnol


Condensed tannins are formed by monomers of procyanidins and prodelfinidins, where the proportion and concentration of their monomers varies according to the plant species and environmental conditions. In Lotus spp., condensed tannins prevent tympanism in ruminants that feed on them. This study aimed to evaluate the concentration of procyanidins and their monomers, catechin and epicatechin in the genotypes of Lotus L. grown in soil with different saturations of aluminum. A two-factor (genotype × Al saturation) assay was performed, where the genotypes São Gabriel, Ganador, and UFRGS (Lotus corniculatus L.); Serrano (Lotus uliginosus); and El Rincón (Lotus subbiflorus) were cultivated in soil with an Al saturation of 0-20%. The procyanidins were evaluated using high-performance liquid chromatography, which was previously validated for catechin and epicatechin. The concentration of procyanidins and the proportion of epicatechin:catechin were affected by the genotype × environment interaction. In L. corniculatus and L. subbiflorus, the concentration of procyanidin was significantly higher when they were grown in the soil with an Al saturation of 20% compared to that when they were grown in the soil with 0% Al saturation, but the opposite effect was observed in L. uliginosus. The proportion of epicatechin:catechin decreased in plants grown in soil without Al, and only the UFRGS genotype maintained a similar proportion under both the soil acidity conditions. The predominant monomer was epicatechin, which varied from 57% to 75% according to the soil in which the plants were grown.


Catechin; Bird’s-foot trefoil; Epicatechin; Proanthocyanidins.

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