Morphogenetic and structural characteristics of clones of elephant grass managed under intermittent stocking

Priscila Beligoli Fernandes, Carlos Augusto Brandão de Carvalho, Domingos Sávio Campos Paciullo, Carlos Augusto de Miranda Gomide, Mirton José Frota Morenz, Francisco José da Silva Lédo


This work was carried out to evaluate the morphogenetic and structural characteristics of basal and aerial tillers of two dwarf elephant grass clones (BRS Kurumi and CNPGL 00-1-3) managed under intermittent stocking in six grazing cycles. A completely randomized experimental design with three replications (paddocks) in split-split-plot arrangements was used. The clones were allocated to the plots, tiller classes were assigned to the subplots and grazing cycles to sub subplots. Higher values for basal tillers than aerial tillers were seen for the following characteristics: leaf elongation rate (12.8 and 5.1 cm/tiller/day), leaf appearance rate (0.26 and 0.19 leaves/tiller/day), stem elongation rate (0.38 and 0.16 cm/tiller/day), senescence rate (0.98 and 0.47 cm/tiller/day), total number of leaves (9.3 and 7.1 leaves/ tiller), number of live leaves (7.7 and 5.8 leaves/tiller) and final length of leaf blades (33.5 and 20.0 cm). Phyllochron was lower for basal (4.0 days/leaf) than aerial tillers (5.5 days/leaf). The leaf life span increased with the advance of the grazing cycles, averaging 31.2 days. The tiller density increased with the advance of the grazing cycles showing an average increase of 167% of aerial tillers and 62% of basal tillers for both clones. The morphogenetic and structural characteristics of dwarf clones were influenced jointly by the clones and the availability of the environmental factors of growth during the spring and summer. The high leaf elongation rates, associated with high leaf appearance rate, reveal the potential of high production dry matter of leaves and restoration of leaf area after grazing.


Basal and aerial tillers; Morphogenesis; Pennisetum purpureum.

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