Technological quality of grains of common beans selected genotypes from the carioca group

Marina Borges de Oliveira Silva, Abner José de Carvalho, José Eustáquio de Souza Carneiro, Ignacio Aspiazú, Érika Endo Alves, Andréia Márcia Santos de Souza David, Orlando Gonçalves Brito, Pablo Fernando Santos Alves


Common bean variety improvement programs focus on productivity increase as their main goal. However, some characteristics related to technological quality must also be analyzed in order to assure that new recommended cultivars satisfy key commercial standards, related to consumer acceptance. This study evaluated the technological quality of seeds from different ‘carioca’ bean genotypes. We tested seeds from 25 bean genotypes, selected by the State Consortium for Research on Common Bean Improvement (including EMBRAPA, UFLA, UFV and EPAMIG) for the VCU assay of the carioca variety, including 21 new lines and 4 commercial cultivars, used as controls. The experiment was arranged in a randomized complete block design with three replications. We assessed the following traits: seed shape, seed constriction, 1000-seed weight, percentage of hard seeds, soluble solids content, cooking time, seed coat percentage, and hydration capacity. According to our results, the cultivars that met the commercial standards for seed shape and constriction were EMB14, CNFC 10432, CNFC 10408, EMB4, P-18163, Pérola and BRSMG Madrepérola. Genotypes MAIV-18259, VC-20, VC-23, RCII-219, CVIII-2, EMB4, MAIV-15204, CVIII-5, and BRSMG Majestoso had 1000-seed weight within carioca bean commercial standards (a minimum of 23g per 100 seeds). Most genotypes had no hard seeds. Lines CNFC 10408, MAIV-18259 and P-18163 had the highest soluble solids content. Twenty genotypes had cooking times below the maximum required by commercial standard, with lines EMB9, EMB4, MAIV-18524, CNFC 11965, VC-17, and CNFC 10432 having the shortest cooking time. Lines CNFC 11965, EMB4, EMB14, and CNFC 10432 also had the shortest time to soaking.


Cooking; Soaking; VCU assay; Phaseolus vulgaris L.

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