Response of broccoli to soil water tension under drip irrigation

Bartolomeu Felix Tangune, Geraldo Magela Pereira, Rovilson José de Souza, Rafael Frees Gatto


We evaluated the effect of different soil water tensions on the production of broccoli cultivated in a protected environment under drip irrigation in order to establish criteria for the adequate management of irrigation. A completely randomized block design was used, comprising six treatments and four replicates. The treatments included six soil water tensions (15, 30, 45, 60, 75 and 90 kPa). Soil water tension was monitored with granular matrix sensors installed at depths of 0.2 m (decision sensors) and 0.4 m (seepage control sensors). Total and marketable fresh weight of broccoli heads, average diameter of marketable heads, height of marketable heads, and total and marketable yield were greatest when the soil water tension at a depth of 0.2 m was 15 kPa, at which the mean values of the evaluated variables were 0.84 kg, 0.76 kg, 20.5 cm, 11.7 cm; 26.5 t ha?1, and 23.7 t ha?1, respectively. Treatments did not significantly affect efficiency of water use or height of marketable heads.


Scheduling irrigation; Vegetable crop; Protected environment.

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