Interference from high-grain diet on carcass and meat characteristics of Texel lambs

Lisiane Dorneles de Lima, Fabíola Cristine de Almeida Rêgo, Celso Koetz Junior, Edson Luis de Azambuja Ribeiro, Camila Constantino, Laís Belan, Marta Juliane Gasparine, Ana Flavia Sanchez, Marilice Zundt


This study aimed to investigate the effect of diets with different proportions of concentrate in finishing lambs Texel on carcass characteristics and meat sheep. Twelve Texel lambs with an initial weight of 20.1 ± 2.34 kg were used. The treatments consisted of three levels of concentrate in the total ration (60, 80 and 100%) and four replicates per treatment.As the values of loin eye area, finish and weight of rib and ham were higher (P <0.05) for animals receiving 80 and 100% concentrate diet compared to animals consuming 60%. Lambs receiving 100% of the diet with high grain had higher incomes, loin eye area and carcass finish, these characteristics relevant to the issue by providing animals most productive portion of edible meat and satisfactory quality to the consumer market. The levels of concentrate in the diet did not alter the qualitative parameters and sensory from lamb feedlot these characteristics that may ensure greater acceptance of the final product, so it is recommended the use of diets containing high concentrate to sheep.


Color; pH; Sheep; Shearing force; Sensory.


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