Continuous infusion of propofol at variable rates in a time dependent in cats

Felipe Comassetto, Martielo Ivan Gehrcke, Marcos Paulo Antunes de Lima, Ronise Tocheto, Nilson Oleskovicz


Felines biotransforms propofol slowly developing cumulative effect. The aim this study was to develop a scheme of continuous infusion of propofol at time dependent variable rate in cats. Sixteen healthy female cats undergoing elective ovariohysterectomy and received as premedication dexmedetomidine (2.5 ?g/kg), methadone (0.5 mg/kg) and ketamine (0.5 mg/kg) administrated at intramuscular rote. After 15 minutes , the animals were allocated into two groups : Fixed Rate (GFR), which received propofol 4mg/kg, followed by continuous infusion (CI ) at the rate of 0.3 mg/kg/min for 60 minutes; and Variable Rate (GVR) receiving the same induction protocol exchange with the IC starting at 0.3 mg/ kg/min for 10 minutes, 0.25 mg/kg/min up to 25 minutes, 0.2 mg/ kg/min up to 45 minutes and 0.15 mg/kg /min to 60 min of infusion based on simulation STAMPUMP®. We evaluated the cardiac frequency (HR), respiratory rate (RR), systolic blood pressure (SBP) and maintenance of anesthesia during 60 minutes of infusion , as well as time to extubation, sternal recumbency and to full recovery. We observed similar anesthesia in both groups, but the GVR was used propofol least 30% for maintenance anesthesia. There was a reduction of HR and f in both groups after induction, with one animal the GFR developed apnea during all periods evaluated . Decreased SBP in GFR at all times in relation to the baseline, as the GVR, SBP decreased in just a moment. There was no significant difference between groups with respect to time to extubation (GFR 43.2 ± 19.5 min and 30.7 ± 13.2 min GVR) , deambulation ( GFR 60.7 ± 29.6 min and 41.6 ± GVR 17.2 min ) and total recovery (GFR 136 ± 34.3 min and 101.5 ± 29.6 min GVR) . We conclude that the two techniques keeps similar anesthetic plans, being safe for use in cats, and that the rate has varied propofol consumption 30 % lower.


Total intravenous anesthesia; Pharmacokinetics; Continuous infusion; Felines.


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