Performance, body measurements, carcass and cut yields, and meat quality in lambs fed residues from processing agroindustry of fruits

Darcilene Maria de Figueiredo, Júlio César Silva Almeida, Cleube Andrade Boari, Mônica Lopes Paixão, Janaina Adna Barbosa Sena, Janaina Leite Barbosa, Kariny Ferreira Moreira, Marluci Olicio Ortêncio


This research was conducted with the objective to evaluate the use of residue dry matter (DM) from pineapple (Ananas comosus L.), banana (Musa sp.), mango (Mangifera indica) and passion fruit (Passiflora spp.) in feeding of the feedlot on productive performance, carcass yield and qualitative and quantitative characteristics of meat. Twenty-five crossbred lamps with Santa Inês breed and mixed breed were used. The treatments consisted of the replacement of 75% of sorghum silage by respective residue DM, whereas in the control treatment forage had only sorghum silage the diets had a houghageto- concentrate ratio of 40:60 interns of DM being isonitrogenous and isoenergetics. The animals were slaughtered at 32 kg liveweight. Before slaughter were obtained biometric measurements, after the same, was performed the hot carcasses weight and morphometric measurements. After 24 hours in a cold chamber at 4 ° C, was determined the cold carcass weight and yield calculation. The left half carcass was divided into five sections: neck, shoulder, shank, rib and loin, by performing the calculation of income cuts. Analyses meat quality such as pH, color (L, a, b, chroma and Ho), by cooking weight loss, water retention capacity and shear strength were carried out in the Longissimus dorsi sample. The completely randomized design was adapted. The data were interpreted using analysis of variance with the test a Tukey 5% probability. There was no effect of diet (P> 0.05) according to the parameters: growth performance, body measurements, and meat quality of lambs. There was also no effect of the diets (P> 0.05) on the loin eye area assuming that carcasses remained similar muscularity important fact to market acceptance standard. It is concluded that replacing up to 75% of sorghum silage by residues fruit (pineapple, banana, mango and passion fruit) in lambs feeding becomes feasible not to change the productive performance, body measurements, yields carcass and cuts and meat characteristics of feedlot lambs.



Alternative foods; Feedlot; Meat production; Sheep.


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