Potential use of zeolites in attenuation water deficit in cerrado latosol

Samara Martins Barbosa, Geraldo César de Oliveira, Carla Eloize Carducci, Bruno Montoani Silva


The improvements of hydro-physical conditions of the Cerrado Biome soils are extremely important in the view point of agricultural limitations in seasons of poor rainfall distribution and drought period. Against this background, we emphasize the potential use zeolites as soil conditioners, because they are minerals that have large interconnected voids that give them a high degree of hydration with ease to retain and release water. This study aimed to characterize the water retention in dystroferric Red Latosol, as well as the mineral zeolite, beyond their mixtures in order to investigate about ability of this mineral increasing the water availability range of Latosol for plants. The completely randomized experiment consisted of treatments based on mixtures of zeolite:Latosol in the proportion 2,5: 97,5%; 5:95%; 10:90% and 20:80%, respectively. In order to determination of water retention curve was established the water content in the following potential matric: -1, -2, -4, -6, -10 kPa suction units and -33, -100 kPa in chambers Richards and -500 the -1500 kPa in thermocouple psychrometer WP4-T in soil samples. Was fitted the van Genuchten model by nonlinear regression procedures of software SWRC, to experimental data. The addition of zeolite promoted changes in pore intermediates distribution of Latosol, enhancing water release for plants.


Clinoptilolite; Available water content; Tropical soils.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5433/1679-0359.2014v35n4Suplp2357

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