Application of a good manufacturing practices checklist and enumeration of total coliform in swine feed mills

Debora da Cruz Payao Pellegrini, Daniel dos Santos Paim, Gustavo Julio Mello Monteiro de Lima, Jalusa Deon Kich, Arlei Coldebella, Marisa Ribeiro de Itapema Cardoso


A cross-sectional study in four swine feed mills aimed to evaluate the correlation between the score of the inspection checklist defined in the Normative Instruction 4 (IN 4/ Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply), and the enumeration of total coliforms throughout the manufacturing process. The most of non-conformities was found in the physical structure of the feed mills. Feed mill B showed the lowest number of unconformities while units A and D had the largest number of nonconformities. In 38.53% (489/1269) of the samples the presence of total coliform was detected, however no significant difference in the bacterial counts was observed between sampling sites and feed mills. The logistic regression pointed higher odds ratio (OR) for total coliforms isolation at dosing (OR = 9.51, 95% CI: 4.43 to 20.41), grinding (OR = 7.10, 95% CI = 3.27 to 15.40) and residues (OR = 6.21, 95% CI: 3.88 to 9.95) In spite of having the second score in the checklist inspection, feed mill C presented the highest odds for total coliforms isolation (OR= 2,43, IC 95%: 1,68-3,53). The data indicate no association between the score of checklist and the presence of hygienic indicators in feed mills.


Feed; Enterobacteriaceae; Good manufacturing practices (GMP); Contamination levels.


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