Production and nutritive value of forage, and performance of Nellore cattle in Tanzania grass pasture fertilized with nitrogen or intercropped with Sthylosantes Campo Grande

Alyson Andrade Pinheiro, Ulysses Cecato, Túlio Otávio Jardim D’almeida Lins, Tatiane Beloni, Vanessa Cristina Piotto, Ossival Lolato Ribeiro


The objective was to evaluate of Nelore performance on pasture of Tanzania (Panicum maximum Jacq. cv. Tanzania-1) fertilized with nitrogen or mixed with Stylosanthes Campo Grande (Stylosanthes spp). It was used a randomized complete blocks with split plots design and three replicates of four treatments: Stylosanthes + Tanzania; Tanzania + 75 kg de N ha-1 ano-1; Tanzania + 150 kg de N ha-1 ano-1; Tanzania + 225 kg de N ha-1 ano-1. Plots were assessed by stations. The highest average daily gain (ADG) during the fall was observed in treatment in the consortium and 75 kg de N ha-1 ano-1. The ADG in the treatments of 150 and 225 kg de N ha-1 ano-1 were superior to others in spring and summer. Stocking rate (SR) was similar between the stations studied. The value of SR was higher when it was used the highest dose of nitrogen fertilizer. The weight gain per area was higher in the spring and summer compared to autumn. The inclusion of legumes in livestock system reduces the dependence of the overuse of nitrogen fertilizers.


Forage; Average daily gain; Legume; Forage availability; Stocking rate.


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