Agrotecnólogical characteristics of cane sugar at different times of suppression of irrigation and fertilizer levels

Franklin Meireles de Oliveira, Poliana Batista de Aguilar, Matheus Ferreira França Teixeira, Ignacio Aspiazú, Flávio Pinto Monção, Ana Paula da Silva Antunes


The objective of this study was to evaluate the performance of Agrotechnological two varieties of cane sugar influenced by different times of deletions irrigation and fertilization levels. The characteristics evaluated were: plant height (m), stem diameter (mm), number of tillers m- 1, Brix broth, sugar cane Pol, Pol broth, Sugar reducer, and overall productivity. The experiment was conducted in the Experimental Farm area Unimontes in Janaúba in northern Minas Gerais. The experimental design was a randomized complete block design with three replications in a split plot (2 x 3 x 6) , two varieties of cane sugar, RB85 and 5453 SP80 1816, three different times suppression of irrigation (DIAP) and six different levels of NK fertilization. Data were subjected to analysis of variance, and when significant differences were the F test was performed to compare the means by Scott Knott (p<0.05) for all variables, using the software program SISVAR. The varieties showed different behavior at maturity, having variety RB85 5453 higher values in technological quality and productivity at lower rates. The varieties obtained overall average of 24.3 ° Brix, Pol 17.6 % of sugarcane, 21 % Pol broth, 0.6 % AR, 3:08 meters in height, 29.2 mm in diameter, 18.9 tillers m-1, 11.1 stems m-1, t ha-1 159.8 productivity. The varieties responded to different eras of suppression irrigation (DIAP). 6 The level of fertilization provided better performance in terms of this work. The RB85 - 5453 and SP80 -1816 varieties are promising for Nortemineira region.


Varieties of sugarcane; Water availability; Fertilization; Productivity; Technological quality.


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