Technological functional properties of soy, oat and wheat fibers and soy products with added fibers and fermented with kefir culture

Tahis Regina Baú, Letícia Cardoso da Silva, Sandra Garcia, Elza Iouko Ida


The objective of this study was to characterize the technological functional properties of soy, oats and wheat fibers and evaluate soy products with added fiber and fermented with kefir. The fibers were characterized with regard to pH, water adsorption capacity, water and oil absorption capacity and swelling volume. Soy products were developed with the addition of 3% soy fiber, oat and wheat and fermented with kefir. The fermented products were characterized for pH, acidity, syneresis, viscosity and firmness, Lactococcus lactis counts and analysis of sanitary conditions. The soy fiber showed a higher content of protein and lipids, pH, water adsorption and adsorption capacity. The wheat fiber showed a higher oil absorption capacity. The addition of soy, oat and wheat fibers influence pH, acidity, syneresis, viscosity and firmness of fermented soy products with kefir. The lowest syneresis and highest viscosity and firmness were obtained with the soy fermented products with soy fiber. The addition of soy fiber stimulated Lactococcus lactis growth. The fermented soy products had enough Lactococcus lactis counts to be considered probiotics. The products presented satisfactory hygienic sanitary conditions.


Probiotic product; Fiber; Viscosity; Firmness; Syneresis.


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DOI: 10.5433/1679-0359
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