Grain yield of coffee conilon different maturity groups by REML / BLUP

Cíntia Machado de Oliveira Moulin Carias, Marcelo Antonio Tomaz, Maria Amélia Gava Ferrão, Aymbiré Francisco Almeida da Fonseca, Romário Gava Ferrão, Leandro Simões Azevedo Gonçalves


This study aimed to estimate genetic parameters and evaluate the grain yield clones coffee Conilon three maturity groups by REML / BLUP. We studied 20 clones of coffee Conilon early ripening, maturation 20 intermediate and 20 late maturing for the characteristic grain yield. For each group, represented by different times of ripening of fruits installed an experiment was conducted in a randomized block design with four replications, plots with five plants spaced 3.0 m X 1.2 m with 2777 plantas/ha-1e evaluations were made in the years 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, during harvest, conducted and ceded by the Institute Capixaba Research, Technical Assistance and Rural Extension (Incaper). The average heritability (0.28, 0.38) and the value of accuracy (0.68, 0.69) of clone selection were higher for the group of early and intermediate maturity, respectively. In the late group, the experimental accuracy was not satisfactory and therefore, a low accuracy in inference about the mean genotypic, reflecting the difficulty of selection. Clones 14 and 17 of the early group and 20, 14 and 17 of the intermediate group occupied the first places in the middle of the feature and productivity were also allocated in the same positions for MHVG (Genetic Stability of Values), PRVG (Adaptability of Genetic Values) and MHPRVG (Stability and Adaptability of Genetic Values), indicating a high yield, stability and adaptability to variations in four crops for these genotypes. The interaction clones x crops was significant for the three maturity groups, characterizing a complex type of interaction, which is problematic for the breeder due to inconsistency of the superiority of clones against variations of crops. The combined results showed superiority of the group over the intermediate early and late.


Coffea canephora; Clones; Productivity; REML/BLUP; Adaptability and yield stability.


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