Prevalence and risk factors of feline obesity in Alegre, Espírito Santo, Brazil

Aguinaldo Francisco Mendes-Junior, Camila Bonna Passos, Marcos Alexandre Ventorin Gáleas, Mirela Coqueiro Secchin, Karina Preising Aptekmann


Obesity is a condition characterized by excessive accumulation of body fat. In humans, this condition has shown fast and worrying growth, like in pets. This study aimed to establish the prevalence of obese cats living in Alegre, Espírito Santo, Brazil and its association with risk factors. Spearman correlation and chi-square test were used, considering a significance level of 5%. The prevalence of overweight or obesity was 14% in the studied population of 50 cats. Neutered and male cats were considered a risk factor for the development of obesity, unlike physical activity, considered as a protective factor. No correlation was found between the frequency or type of food provided and obesity.


Cats; Body condition; Fat.


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